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Assalammualaikum,wokey disebabkan ramai yang suka edit2 pic nie so aira ada satu tempat nak edit2 pic nie,tapi bahasa cina so aira transletkan ok.
How to download and install meitu xiu xiu
click kotak yang warna kuning tu kalau tak jumpa tekan jer yg serupa macam nie atau lebih kurang.
 step2:once download,run the setup exe file and you'll see the screen below...
 step3: then,pilih file mana yang you all nak save,mcm dekat bawah nie
 step4:uncheck all of these,tak silapnya ia memasang program anti-virus.klik mcm dekat bawah tu..
 Step5:uncheck the 2nd box.that one makes heo222.com you homepages. click the center button to finish the installing.
 This is what the program interface looks like. Click on the yellow button to open an image and start editing.
 so yang dekat bawah nie,dah di transletkan dalam bahasa english,faham2 jer larh,wokey :)

A lot of you have been asking me how to uninstall the Meitu 360 Antivirus program, I personally did not install that program so it's hard for me to assist you. However, Anne had this problem and sent me a screenshot which I will now show you and what you should do. If you can manage to reach the screenshot below, you can uninstall the program by selecting the LAST option.

I've listed down the rough translations for all the options so you know what you're doing. Look out for the word 卸載or 卸载 which means "uninstall".

his should work for those having this problem. When installing, do follow my guide and you should be fine. 

Hope this helps.
p/S:SO PADE YOU yang berminat semoga berjaya yer :)