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Time Machine

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All i want..

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How can you forget so easily this sweet past has been bundled up by remembrance in a think coat of sugar don’t want to hurt because of you this coldest summer seasons slowly…slowly freezing into ice pledge changed to sorrow…sorrow because I was loved sorrow is you, because you’re not here…

I want so much to embrace you and complain to you but I feel so helpless so helpless that I want to sob in pain… All I want is to be with you to walk in a path of bliss simply and sweetly like lovers All I want is to not be apart from you how easily you given up, and said you’re forgotten..

I think this must be retribution the blame is on me for being too greedy, causing you to leave without looking back the yellow scarf is in remembrance on the tree, blown by the wind  Lonely, lonely by myself, unable to fall asleep…

Why does love break every heart?? I don’t believe you anymore, Yet slowly I remember you.. You are my baby, my darling.. All I want is to be with you...